Elimination Communication: Bye-Bye, Diapers; Hello, Pee Bowls (and very tired parents)

Written by Emily

Recently the New York Times shared some insight into the latest potty training trend: Elimination Communication. In order to eliminate diaper waste and become more in tune with your baby, there is a “movement” (pun intended. high-five!) to learn your baby’s poop cues and then hover her over a bowl, sink, toilet or “street between parked cars“, so she can do her thing. And by thing I mean poop. Babies pooping in the sink. Babies pooping in bowls scattered around the house. Babies pooping in the park. No joke.

But Stephen Colbert has a few:


Apparently, I’m not the hands-on parent I thought I was because I’m tired just thinking about this. During my children’s baby months, I cleaned up poop left and right…and they were wearing diapers!  I have visions of explosive poops rocketing across the living room floor. The sanitizing with this makes me shudder. I have a difficult time staying on top of the dishes now, and no one in the family poops in them.

However, I’ll probably be tucking Sylvie’s prom dress into her five-point harness. Maybe if I encouraged her to pee on the street and in bowls around the house and reinforced that practice into her teen years, my husband’s goal of not having her date until she’s at least 30 could be fully realized. So I do see the perks…

but I think I’m going to sit this one out. Truth be told, I just don’t have the energy!

What about you? Would you consider going diaperless?

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12 replies

  1. I’d go diaperless, but only after building a cage with plastic flooring to keep the diaperless one in.

  2. SEE!? Having a baby is JUST LIKE having a puppy! Bwahahha!

  3. I heard about this quite some time ago but it really frustrated me as a new mother at the time. I am all for parents choosing to bring up their children in different ways and then for them accept that other people do it differently but from what I read about it before was that it seemed like it was another ‘well we can do better than you’ kind of argument. It’s bad enough you have the real vs disposable nappies debates then to add in another person showing off with well ‘I don’t even have my children in nappies so I win’ really sucks!!!!! My view is; it’s up to you what you choose to do but the second you start to show off about your choice i’m not interested.

  4. Where the common sense these days? If they are so upset by tossing plastic, go back to cotton diapers – at least that is practical. Running around chasing your children constantly to “help” them discover how to poop, and being more “in tune” is just ridiculous!! Isn’t that like going backwards to the stone age?

  5. Colbert was hilarious. I had heard of this before, but only responded with eye-rolling and questions. What do you do if your grunting child is grunting in his/her car seat, the couch, sitting in your lap having brunch with your in-laws. Bad enough when they vomit all over the house. At least that’s relatively rare, not 11-22 times per day per child. Imagine letting your friend hold your daughter and then have her pee all over your friend’s favorite suede pants. Ugh.

  6. Ridiculous that ppl read about elimination communication and assume that everyone who does it has their babies running around bare bottomed. You can practise this with nappies, full time or part time.
    And what’s wrong with going back to how things used to be done? ie the stone age. Isn’t this better than teaching our kids to shit in their pants and then try to tell them after 2/3 years that it’s wrong to shit in you pants?!?

  7. I’m with lilmissrose on this one. What is wrong with going back to what it used to be? Diapers of both sorts have only been around since the 1800’s and Disposables didn’t become mass produced until 1948. We don’t just have our child running around the house crapping in corners. We use trainers just as you would a toddler, but started at 2 days old. Instead of poking fun at something out of your comfort zone, or assuming people do it to “brag” why not educate yourself on what it is really about. Communicating with your child. Instead of just virtually training your child to pee and poop in their pants and then turn around and re-train them to go on a potty. That to me doesn’t make much sense. Added bonus, my child has NEVER had diaper rash because she doesn’t sit in her own waste. Just a thought.

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